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Use this page to collect notes, media and citations for your research. Answer each question with facts and details, adding links and citations for sources as you go.

US Enters WWII Research Questions

Summarize the events of December 7, 1941.
*An unexpected raid of Japanese airplanes attacked the U.S. and bombed them completely. The U.S. was taken by suprise and wasn't prepared for war. They didn't know what to do and they had to act fast. Alot of U.S. soldiers were killed and injured.

Describe the actions taken by the United States government following the attack on Pearl Harbor.
*If anyone should attack or invade the U.S. the government is able to remove anyone from that ethnicity that is over the age of fourteen from the country.

What is an ‘alien enemy’?
*An alien's enemy is a person who is in a fight with the counrty.

Were all of the detainees considered ‘alien enemies’?
*All detainess were considered aliens ememies just because they were Japanese.

How and why was the United States able to inter people of Japanese and German descent?
*The Unites States were able to inter people of Japanese and German descent by having the power to arrest and hold in detention and they weren't aloowed to be released because the Unites States thought that they were a threat to the country.

What was the US government able to do as a result of Proclamations 2525 and 2526?
*The U.S. government was able to secure their country.

What were the circumstances surrounding Proclamation 2525 and 2526?
*The bombing of the U.S. by the Japanese caused president Roosevelt to issue the proclamation.

Concentration Camps vs Internment Camps Research Questions

What is the difference between a concentration camp and an internment camp?
*The differences beteween concentration camps and internment camps are that in concentration camps, the people are being killed and in internment camps they aren't.

How were internment camps organized?
*People are transferred from camp to camp and were guarded.

Where were the internment camps?
*Internment camps were places where prisoners were being kept.

What was life like in the internment camps?
*Life in the internment camps was distructing and people were seperated from their families.

Were there different internment camps for Japanese and Germans?
*Yes, there were different camps for the Japanese and different ones for the Germans. They were seperated.

How were the Japanese and German camps similar and different?
*They all contained and held people form the public.

German Americans Research Questions

How did life change for German Americans after the start of WWII?
*German Americans life's changed becuase they suffered for something that their ancestors did.

How were they treated by Americans and others in the US?
*They were given a lack of freedom and they were abused and beated severely.

Why were they treated this way?
*They were treated this way because the Americans thought that they betrayed their country and abandoned the rules.

Were German Americans sympathetic to or against Hitler and the Nazis?
*The Germans were against Hitler and Nazis.

How did their support of or lack of support for Hitler affect their lives in the US?
*They were being mistreated in the U.S. whether they supporteed Hitler or not by raids, ransacking homes, being excluded and having no freedom.

Notes about personal story one.
*The Eckardt family was summoned to Panama City and arrested June 16th 1942.
*They were being sent from camp to camp and they were being kidnapped.
*They took away their home and their belongings.
*They were deported to be inerned with other German Americans.

Notes about personal story two.
*The Father of the Greis family was arrested first.
*Had to work an extra shift.
*Then the rest of the faimly was being transported to Germany.
*Later deported to Ellis island

Notes about personal story three.
*The father of the Graber family was questioned and arrested.
*The rest of them went to Texas to be interned.
*They were assigned only two rooms
*Armed guards on horseback controlled the camps.

Notes about personal story four.
*Eberhard Fuhr was arrested when he was 17.
*Each cell was 5x10.
*There was only a bucket and a toilet in the room.
*After transported to Crystal City, Texas the temperatures were in their higher 100s and the camo was filled with insects and scorpions.

Notes about personal story five.
*Ursula Vogt's parents were taken away and never to be seen again.
*Her account was blocked during the depression.
*They removed all sorts of pictures of her parents and memories.
*Her parents were expelled form the country.

Hello my name is Eustace and I am here to tell my life story. One night, my whole family was sleeping when the FBI pounded on the door and arrested my father. They walked him out of the door almost half asleep. My mother was begging them not to take him but they didn’t listen. We never knew why they took him or what did he do to deserve to be taken away from us. Without dad, we had no source of income because he was the only one employed. My mother applied for welfare but that didn’t work. I was still in high school and I had to work the 4-11 night shift at a local sausage house. In December my mom, brother and I were notified that we were being deported to Germany along with my father. I was so mad, I was an American, not a German. We were headed to Ellis Island and we were only allowed to take a few boxes. We had to leave everything else behind, our furniture and other belongings. When we arrived at Ellis Island we were looking for our father but he was nowhere to be seen. At a moment we though that we were being deported without him. We lost our hopes. The next morning we saw him and we were so relieved. We were ready to be deported to Germany but to our surprise we found out for no particular reason we were being sent to jail other than for our nationality. We were given two rooms to live in with all the other prisoners. Armed agents were on horseback and controlled the exits and made sure nobody escaped. No body actually told us what we did and why we deserved to be here. There was no court hearing or anything. When it came close to July we were transported again to Crystal City, Texas on a heavy guarded train. We were put in a place where the fences were 12 feet high and there were guards all around and this was a harsh deserted environment. Temperatures were in their high 100s and the camp was filled with insects and scorpions. After VJ day we were sure that we were going to be released but the Americans thought that those still interned were still dangerous and should be sent back to Germany. We finally had a hearing and the Americans decided that we should be set free so we were so relieved and happy. I could not describe the look on my moms face, it was precious.