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Use this page to collect notes, media and citations for your research. Answer each question with facts and details, adding links and citations for sources as you go.

US Enters WWII Research Questions

Summarize the events of December 7, 1941.
*On December 7, 1941 Japan attacked the naval base of Pearl Habor.
Describe the actions taken by the United States government following the attack on Pearl Harbor.
*President D, Roosefelt made a speech declaring war on Japan. This forced the United States into World War 2.
What is an ‘alien enemy’?
*An alien enemy is a foreign person from a different country liker Germany and Japan.
Were all of the detainees considered ‘alien enemies’?
*Yes because the U.S couldnt trust the German Americians or the Japanese Americians once the Japanese destroyed Pearl Harbor.
How and why was the United States able to inter people of Japanese and German descent?
*The Japaneseand Germans were put into camps bacause they think that they will tel them where they are to tell secrets.
What was the US government able to do as a result of Proclamations 2525 and 2526?
*The government was able to arreest the Japanese and Germans.
What were the circumstances surrounding Proclamation 2525 and 2526?
*No alien enemys shall enter ot be found in the Hawiian Islands. If found the enimies were to be persucted by the Military.

Concentration Camps vs Internment Camps Research Questions

What is the difference between a concentration camp and an internment camp?

*Concentration camps is when Jews and other religious groups are put into camps to work or die. An intermment camp is when Japanese or Germans are put into organiziatoins in which no one is to be killed, just until the end of the war.
How were internment camps organized?

*They are organized in large groups
Where were the internment camps?
*Is the prisionment or confinement of people, commonly in large groups, without trial.

What types of facilities did the US use to contain enemy aliens?
*US Department of Justice, United states Army, Dentention facilities.

Japanese Americans Research Questions

How did the attack on Pearl Harbor affect the lives of Japanese Americans?
How were they treated after the bombing?

Why were they treated this way?

Were Japanese Americans sympathetic to or against what Japan was doing?

In what ways was this similar and different to how Jews were treated in Germany?

Notes about personal story one.

Notes about personal story two.

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Notes about personal story five.

German Americans Research Questions

How did life change for German Americans after the start of WWII?
  • They lost their crops and farms and homes. They also ran out of bussiness. They became very poor with nothing left.

How were they treated by Americans and others in the US?
*They were treated badly. The U.S. accused them because they thought they were pro-German and thought they were going to attack them.
Why were they treated this way?
*Because they couldn't be trusted to the Americans.

Were German Americans sympathetic to or against Hitler and the Nazis?
*Most Germans Americians were against Hitler and the Nazis beacuse they didnt like how Hitler treated them.

How did their support of or lack of support for Hitler affect their lives in the US?
*the lack of support of Hitler brought many Germans to Americans and had the freedom from a dictator.


The Marcus family lived in a small town during World War 2. They didn't have much money, they didn't have much of anything. They had to work for food and money just to stay in their home. They had 3 children. They were 2, 7, 12 years old. Their names were Phillip, Jermaine, and Micheal. They lived in a town in Alabama. They migrated from Germany because they heard America was the best place around. During world war 2, they were put in internment camps because the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor and the President didn't think that they could trust them. The kids and parents were put to work. While in the internment camps thier mother got very sick. That one day their 3 kids walked into the room where their mother was in, she was not moving and they went closer and they realized that she was dead. After their mom was dead, Phillip also became sick. He has been sick for 3 weeks and finally felt better. Though their mother was dead, they had been living in the worst conditions since they moved in. The children bearly saw their father anymore. So one day all 3 of them met up and came up with a plan to escape from the camp. First they had to get their father free. So they tried to escape at night. The plan was going well until they got caught and had to be put back into the camp. By then they had no idea what to do next. They didnt know whether to try again or just give up. They finally decided that no matter what they were going to try again until they were free. So the next night they waited for everyone to fall asleep. They made sure they were extra quiet this time.When everyone was asleep and they had their father with them, they made it free. So they headed to Mizzouri to live in the farm. Two years from then, the military was sending a search party to find the run away family. They knew they had to leave and find a new place to live. Somwhere far away. But everywhere they go they found the camps, and had to hide in the woods. The woods were a good place to hide with so much open space they decided to make cave. They made it so no one would be able to see it unless they were really looking for it. It wasnt the biggest cave but it wasnt the smallest. They made sure there was enough room for everyone. For two years later, the war was about to end and they had the time to leave their home and go back to living the way it was. So they moved out of the cave and went back to a farm. Not the same one as before but it was still a farm. They were living great, they had food, water, everything they needed to survive. Every now and then they heard gun shots and screams and they went into hinding once more. The war finally ended and they knew they were free once again. Even though they lost a family member along the way they still survived the war.