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Wikis are used in myriad ways in K-12 education. They can be as simple as a page where a teacher posts homework and useful web sites to an international collaborative project between students. Here are some examples of how wikis are being used in classrooms and schools.

D112 Examples

Mercer Humanities - Private wiki, for presentation only
Juarez English
NW Science 7
Van Aman Wiki
Northwood Newspaper
Go West - 3rd Grade Project
4-Lucci Wiki

D112 Instructional Technology
Northwood IMC for Teachers
8th Grade Team

Other Great Examples

The Caves of Mull
Bergmann Science
Flat Classroom Project
Idea Hive - students building their own textbook. Good idea, but lacks links and citations.

A HUGE list of Educational WIkis

Wikis are not just for you to use with your students, but can also be a resource for you to learn from and collaborate in. Check out some of these wikis.

Voicethread 4 Education
Classroom Google Earth