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Basic Editing

The Editor is a toolbar in a wiki that provides you with options for formatting text. It is similar to any formatting tool bar you would find in a word processor.

Editor Tools


Starting from the left, the buttons include bold, italics and underline.

The T with a color palette provides you with options for font style, size, color and alignment.

The next button allows you to choose pre-formatted headings. These can be used to denote sections on a page and are used by the Table of Contents widget discussed later.

The next two buttons allow you to create a numbered or bulleted list.

This button adds a horizontal line across the page. It can be used to separate sections.

Once you have added text and formatted it you have two options. You can click Preview to see a quick version of your page then continue editing or you can click Save to save all changes and view the wiki page.

Editing a Page

Each page of your wiki will have an Edit button. The look and location of this button will vary depending on the theme you chose. Some of the edit buttons include:

Picture_30.pngPicture_31.png Picture_32.png

Click the Edit button to see your Editor and begin creating your page.

Play Time

Type a welcome message or description of what your wiki will be used for on your Home page. Try to include headings, font styles, font colors, even a bulleted list or horizontal line!

Adding New Pages

An unlimited number of new pages can be added to your wiki at any time. New pages are added by clicking the New Page button.

You will be asked to give the page a name, choose a template (covered in the Advanced Class) and add tags. YA page title is required, while the template and tags are optional.

Once you click Create, you page is reading for editing.

Note: Be sure to remove the default sentence on a new page.

Creating Links

Links can be added to connect one page to another or to quickly access a web site. You can add and remove a link by clicking on the buttons that look like links in a chain.

Link to Another Page in Your Wiki

1. Select a word or phrase from your text and click the Link button. You will see this box.
The link box consists of three tabs. The Wiki Link tabs is used to create a link to another page in your wiki. If the text you selected is not the title of a page, it will show in red in the Page Name box as seen below.
It will also give you an option to Choose and existing page.

2. After choosing an existing page, click Add Link.

Link to a Website

1. Select a word or phrase from your text and click the Link button. Click on the External Link tab.
2. Type or copy/paste the web address of the page you want into the address box.
3. (Optional) Check the New Window box to have the web page open in its own window.
4. Click Add Link


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