Welcome! This page has been created by the students of Advanced Tech to present thier projects with other classmates provided with links and share and collect ideas. This is a webpage designed present and show our growing knowledge of creating and editing a wiki along with the responsibilities that go along with it. It is also here for others to see just what were doing in class and to share and compare work and ideas among ourselfs and hopefully with 8th graders from other schools!

What we are doing in computers.

As a class in groups we are currently working on a project that involves the experiences and trageties of thos in world war two. As a class we are all allowed to share and compare information through wikispaces.Based on our research of an "Alien Enemy" living in the United States, we will have to creat a first person,historical fiction narrative that will be the basis for a multimedia project. The narritive will be of the life of a Japanese or German American during WW||

What we are doing in Advanced Tech

We are working with a program called Alice. Alice is a 3D animation programmmer, teaching us the fundimentals of three dimensiononal interaction. We simply put an object into the world and give it a list of instructions on what to do etc. To see a list of scenarios we are trying to recreate and expand click here.

This discussion board will be open for anyone who would like to discuss topics related with computers and advanced tech. Have a cool Alice animation idea, post your idea for others to try out!

Need a refresh on the basics? Click here.