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This section will discuss some formatting and editing options that go beyond changing text color or adding a link. This section will give you some ideas for making your wiki more dynamic, interesting and user friendly.

*Note: All embedding information assumes you have located the embed code from the website you are using.

Embed a Table of Contents

The table of contents gives visitors a quick lined list to sections on your wiki page. The information to create the table of contents come from the heading you use to designate sections.

1. Click on the TV icon.
2. Click Table of Contents from the Wikispaces list.
3. Click Embed Table of Contents

Embed a Video

Videos can be added to help students review material from class, to set the tone for a project, to provide extra instruction and even to demonstrate how to solve a math problem.

See an example.

1. Click on the TV icon.
2. Click the Video link
3. Choose the video service you are using.
Not using one of the services listed? Click on Other and paste the Embed code from the video.
4. Paste the embed code into the box provided.

5. Click Save

Embed a Google Form

See an example.

You can add a Google form to your wiki to survey your students or collect information from visitors and parents.

1. Click on the TV icon
2. Choose Other HTML
3. Copy and Paste the embed code into the box provided
4. Click Save

Embed a Google Calendar

See an example.

You can embed a calendar from Google to list daily homework, project due dates, or special events for your class.

1. Click on the TV icon
2. Choose Calendar
3. Choose Google Calendar
4. Follow the directions for setting up your Google calendar (Get more details here)
5. Copy and Paste the embed code into the box provided
6. Click Save

Embed a Glogster

See an example.

1. Click on the TV icon
2. Choose Other HTML
3. Copy and Paste the embed code into the box provided
4. Click Save

Make a Template

Templates are a convenient way to create multiple pages with the same information. Templates are useful for student pages because they let you create on page layout and use it multiple times. Templates can also benefit groups who want a consistent look. For example, a school newspaper could use one template to keep the layout of their newspaper consisten from month to month, reducing the time it takes to build a page from scratch.

Student pages: Student 1 & Student 2

You can begin a template using one of two methods.

Method 1
1. Click New Page> Name the page
2. Create your page
3. Save your changes
4. Click Manage Wiki>Templates
5. Begin typing the name of the page into the "Start From Page" box
6. Choose the desired page
7. Click Create Template

Method 2
1. Click Manage Wiki> Templates>
2. Type a name for the new page into the "Template Name" box
3. Click Create Template
4. Create your page
5. Save your changes

Each time you make a new page, you will have the option of creating a blank page or choosing an existing template.

Edit the Navigation

By default pages added to a wiki are listed in the navigation in alphabetical order. You can change this to reduce the number of pages listed in the navigation and organize pages by categories.

To edit the navigation follow these steps:

1. Click Edit Navigation at the bottom of your navigation section. The navigation will open like a page for editing.
2. Remove the Include Page list box.
3. Begin typing the categories and/or page names you wish to be seen.
4. Select a category or page name. Be sure a page has already been created for the category or with that name.
5. Click on the link icon and create a Wiki Link to the correct page.
6. Repeat steps to link all categories/pages.
7. Click Save

Note: Once you edit the navigation you must add links to new pages. The links can be on the navigation or from other pages in the wiki.