6js06 notes

Use this page to collect notes, media and citations for your research. Answer each question with facts and details, adding links and citations for sources as you go.

US Enters WWII Research Questions

Summarize the events of December 7, 1941.
Pearl Harbor in Hawaii was attacked by Japanese fighter planes killing 2,345 people and injuring 1,247. (Reference)

Describe the actions taken by the United States government following the attack on Pearl Harbor.
The United States declared war on Japan on December 8, 1941. (Reference)

What is an ‘alien enemy’?
an Immigrant (Reference)

Were all of the detainees considered ‘alien enemies’?
Yes. (Reference)

How and why was the United States able to inter people of Japanese and German descent?
Because of Proclamation 2526, they were able to send them to internment camps where thousands were deported. (Reference)

What was the US government able to do as a result of Proclamations 2525 and 2526?
All alien enemies were liable to restraint, or to give security, or to remove and depart from the United States. (Reference)

What were the circumstances surrounding Proclamation 2525 and 2526?
After the attacks on Pearl Harbor, the United States considered all nationals from enemy countries "alien enemies" which allowed the US to be able to detain them in internment camps. (Reference)

Concentration Camps vs Internment Camps Research Questions

What is the difference between a concentration camp and an internment camp?

Internment Camps For Americans of Japanese or German Descent
Internment camps are where Japanese and German Americans were taken to live during World War II because the United States government considered them a risk to national security.
Essentially, while concentration and internment camps were similar, they actually had some very important differences. Concentration camps were considerably harder and life was very restricted. People in concentration camps were forced to work grueling jobs and faced things like beatings and harrassment daily. Internment camps had actual housing and standards for quality of life was much higher. The Japanese were treated humanely in the internment camps, which the Jews were not, but they did lose their dignity as well as posessions. (Reference)

  1. How were internment camps organized?
They were organized like mini-cities behind walls.

  1. Where were the internment camps?
Most were in the East coast, but there were several in the west coast as well.
  1. What types of facilities did the US use to contain enemy aliens?
They used internment camps.

German Americans Research Questions

How did life change for German Americans after the start of WWII?
They were frowned upon. Several people lost their jobs and liberties.

How were they treated by Americans and others in the US?
Disgracefully and untrustworthy.They were also stolen from.

Why were they treated this way?
Because the Germans were allies of Japan. Adolf Hitler, whom Americans resented, ruled the U.S.

Were German Americans sympathetic to or against Hitler and the Nazis?
Some were and some weren't.

How did their support of or lack of support for Hitler affect their lives in the US?
People who did not show support were generally treated less harshly than those who did.

Notes about personal story one.
-Eiserloh man taken away by FBI
-Wife shunned by community had to sell home
-Deported to Germany
-Their family hardly expected or wanted them
-Mr. Eiserloh beat by Nazis because suspected of being American spy
-Eiserloh eventually allowed to return
-Died at 65, wife left allowed at 59

Notes about personal story two.
-Fuhrs couple and son taken away
-Other two sons, 17 and 18, stood home
-Both brothers arrested then put in jail
-After jail sent to Crystal City camp & reunited with parents
-Later released after war

Notes about personal story three.
-Ursula & Karl Vogt
-Karl arrested and sent to a jail in Spokane
-Later sent to North Dakota for a hearing.
-Karl later released & throughout hardships continued to be pro-American

Notes about personal story four.
-Berg witnessed attack on Pearl Harbor
-Parents and Elle were taken by FBI & called alien enemies
-Reunited with family in 1942
-Parents were stolen from & lied to
-Parents were interned
-Mom released in 1942 on parole
-Sent petition for mother to receive same amount of money as Japs but nothing ever happened

Notes about personal story five.
-Adolf Hamann born in Germany 1884
-German living in Peru
-Adolf and his business blacklisted
-In 1944 he was deported
-In 1945, he was repatriated to Germany
-His famliy did not learn of his 1945 death until 1946