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US Enters WWII Research Questions

Summarize the events of December 7, 1941.
*On December 7th 1941 Japanese attack a neval base in Hawaii also known as the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Describe the actions taken by the United States government following the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • The next day president Rosevelt adresses congress looking for permision to declare war on Japan. Following a famous speech in witch he stated a day which will live in infamy.
What is an ‘alien enemy’?
*A person who becomes liable as an enemy from another nation.
Were all of the detainees considered ‘alien enemies’?
*At first they were. Resulting in harsh treatment and cruel behavior ocming to the U.S.
How and why was the United States able to inter people of Japanese and German descent?
*They made a treaty alowing law inforcement and officials to burry people held in camps that were no longer living.
What was the US government able to do as a result of Proclamations 2525 and 2526?
*They were able to invade Japanese territory.
What were the circumstances surrounding Proclamation 2525 and 2526?
*Could not be murderous

Concentration Camps vs Internment Camps Research Questions

What is the difference between a concentration camp and an internment camp?

*Contentration camps can be refered as genicide internment camps just held innocent people hostage but did not murder them.
How were internment camps organized?

*On the west cost of the United States.
Where were the internment camps?
*In far off lands or rural areas
What types of facilities did the US use to contain enemy aliens?
*They used arm forces to inforce protection to those who were outside of the camps, while the rest of the army was fighting in the war.

Japanese Americans Research Questions

How did the attack on Pearl Harbor affect the lives of Japanese Americans?
*People were literly draged from their homes and sent to these camps no matter how old they were.
How were they treated before and after the bombing?
*Before the bombing they were treadted like everyone else, after the bombing they were treated like animals.
Why were they treated this way?
*People thought they would commit a crime in which they would they would tell the leader of Japan what U.S. was goeing to do next.
Were most Japanese Americans sympathetic to or against what Japan was doing?
*I think they were pretty hurt after being sent to these camps for something they were probably not goeing to do.
In what ways was this similar and different to how Jews were treated in Germany?
*Both were held in these disgusting, emoral, hazzardes camps in which many of their kind died.
Who were the Nisei, Issei and Kibei?
*Nisei were soldiers that served in military inteligance, Issei it is a type of a language that North America used during the war, Kibei it was a term used to describe Japanese Americans born in the U.S.
Notes about personal story one.
*people worked as teachers

Notes about personal story two.

Notes about personal story three.

Notes about personal story four.

Notes about personal story five.

Jillian Andrades &
Jarek Nawara

The Story of Big Wunhunglou

It was 1942 we had been deported to the Topaz relocation center. It has been about a year since the Japanese bombed the naval base in Hawaii also known as Pearl Harbor. I was taken away from my home and all that is left in my memory is the site of my mother shedding the last set of tears. I would probably never see my beautiful home again. It was a few days before my tenth birthday when U.S. forces burst in to our home. It felt as if I was the intruder in my own home. We were living in California at the time. However after they came in we were put on trains and sent to these camps in which I thought I would never leave. We were not treated badly. Even having my family right by my side I felt alone, alone and afraid. These americans they thought with fear. They let thier mind control thier actions. Not one time did the thought of our pain and agony cross thier minds. I may have been young but i understood what was happening. I also understood that we were being held against our will. That we were being treated unfarely with no possible explamation for why we were in there. We were put in rooms with people whom I had never seen before. We had games, but doing the same stuff every day got boring. And as the days went on and more and more people got put in the camps there was less spaces and more crowds. As the war went on this kept on more and more people less and less space. At our building there were at least four families. Two of which had three families. And all were girls. I grew close to the children. we played together, ate together, slept together, everything we did was together until they had to move to a different camp. I was heart broken. It was like losing a member of my family. I soon got over it when a family member of my own died. My mom was sick before coming to the camp, but as the years went on she got worst. And in 1944 she died leaving my father with my brother and my two sisters. Times were rough and being the oldest i had to help the most. We got out of the camps, but there was nothing left of our home. my father got a job and we soon got a home. My name is Big Wunhunglou and I will never forget my mom, my friends, and where i come from. For i am a surviver and will never forget it.